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What are the benefits of using ultrasonic cleaner at home


Use of ultrasonic cleaner at home and what are the benefits

Ultrasonic cleaning is a rapid and efficient way to clean complex objects with the help of ultrasound waves. The non-audible ultrasound waves produce a gently rubbing action against the object immersed in water/ solvent. A well designed ultrasonic cleaner will incorporate a stainless steel water tank with a transducer that produces high-frequency sound waves. The ultrasonic energy induces rapid formation of cavitation bubbles which get burst on coming in contact with the object. When these bubbles burst, it creates a huge amount of energy as the surrounding liquid rushes to take its place and in turn cleans the intricate gaps or recess which are otherwise difficult to reach through cloth or brush.

Cavitation bubbles produced within an Ultrasonic Cleaner have the robustness to reach every corner on the surface of the object. That’s what makes an ultrasonic cleaner a revolutionary and modern cleaning device. No other method of cleaning complex objects works like the Ultrasonic Cleaner. In fact ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in many industrial practices, but recently some small ultrasonic cleaners have found their way into homes because of their efficiency and usability.

D3000 is perfect for cleaning personal items like glasses, ring, wristlace, necklace and other small and expensive items
ONEPAD LIVINGS D3000 works best for personal items

The ultrasonic cleaner can be best used for cleaning the delicate and high-value objects like

necklaces, bracelets, contact lenses, tools, spectacles, water-resistant watch, plastic toys, small instruments and tools etc.

Let’s discuss what are the benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaner at home:

  1. Cleaning complex and delicate parts - When you have an ultrasonic cleaner at your home, cleaning complex and delicate parts is becoming a press of button. An ultrasonic cleaner is exceptionally efficient in cleaning narrow openings, crevices or cracks which are otherwise difficult to clean with conventional means.

  2. Thorough and Gentle cleaning - The waves come from different directions at different angles hence the surface is exposed to strike from different angles which give a good cleaning. Cavitation bubbles are gentle, they reach the tightest corner or the object and clean it thoroughly. It ensures that there is nothing but a squeaky clean object coming out of the cleaner. The pressure is smooth and doesn’t erode the surface of the object. There is a gentle action of water, and bubbles on the surface and hence there is no loss of shine or texture.

  3. Reliable ing and low power consumption - Ultrasonic cleaners use a tiny motor when compared to other cleaning equipment which uses massive motors and several moving parts. Cleaning a designer necklace with your hand is also as intimidating and time-consuming as it sounds. An ultrasonic cleaner makes the job easy and fast. It just takes 3 minutes of treatment inside the stainless steel tank to get rid of all the filth.Using a high tech ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning objects doesn't mean your electricity bills are going up. It is power savvy too.

  4. Reliable- Beauty is delicate, but not always. An ultrasonic cleanser lasts long due to few moving parts. So, it is your cleaning companion for a long term.

  5. Stylish Designs - For some people, an Ultrasonic Cleaner may sound like a big ugly industrial equipment which cleans objects but, it isn’t what it sounds like. It looks lovely and will complement your living room. Have a look –

  6. Simple to operate - On a click of a button, the ultrasonic cleaner comes to life and cleans whichever object you put inside the tank. It just takes one click and 3 minutes of wait for your objects to be all shiny.

  7. Non-water-resistant objects friendly - A thoughtfully designed ultrasonic cleaner comes with an accessories rack that can hold different items like non-water resistant watch, small and valuable objects like rings, contact lenses etc. This design ensures the perfect safety of your expensive things

A consumer grade ultrasonic cleaner is a big help in our methods of cleaning complex objects, which require time and patience otherwise. With an ultrasonic cleaner at your home, you will get results which you thought were never possible. It makes your life so much more comfortable and adds to the longevity of the objects you clean in it.

Nowadays ultrasonic cleaner works very well with water, or you can add detergent according to the object you are using it for. It adds so much more value to your living.

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