Design Statement

We envision MADO is an illuminating object with its shape and design as visually striking, and yet it is also an embodiment of modern and industrial concept with an artistic body-line. MADO's dimension is significant and it is for addressing the suppressed desire we human beings have for stable and predictable life at this moment of history. The materials we opt for is concrete and Himalayan Salt. We enjoy using Himalayan Salt because of its intrinsic properties of mersmerizing orangish glow when interacting with lighting. It is rare in nature and yet earthly and can be consumed or utilized economically. In southeast Asia regions, Himalayan Salt is a sacred positive energy source many revel. 

We create MADO Himalayan Salt Lamp hoping that people would be able to retain the joys of being in harmony with the surroundings, objects, and space. MADO Himalayan Salt Lamp series resembles a glorious sunrise within a window frame and a soothing light within a tunnel. 



When we planned to introduce a new salt lamp lineup in 2020, we decide to approach it in an entirely different way to celebrate our human spirit during this challenging time.

MADO is our idea of bold and exhilarating design. The bodyline and shape combine to achieve a perfect match for Himalayan Salt.    

White Branch

Anchors of Life

"Rediscover the anchor of your life"

MADO is a Himalayan Salt Lamp that accompanies your journey to regaining your focus and your goal. During the darkest hours of self-isolation or under extreme pressure from working alone at home, MADO is helping by radiating a mesmerizing and heartwarming orangish glow that induces positive thoughts and meditative rest.