It all started here...


The Himalayas

In the winter of 2013, the two strangers never met before crossed the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, arriving in Lhasa with a curious mind.  

From the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong to the Himalayas, they joined together, embarking on this journey that would help define their futures.

Although both experienced altitude sickness, nothing had given them a more humbling experience when facing the majestic Himalaya. The humbling reflections in their souls have transformed their hearts with a renewed sense of purpose in life.



With awe of the natural landscape and religious living in Tibet deeply imprinted in their minds, they couldn't stop wondering about their meaning of life. So soon after the trip, the 2 strangers decided to follow the path of Buddhism to reclaim the spiritual part of their life that was so affected by trivial things of modern living.

Eventually, they concluded that they w