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4th Jan 2019


ONEPAD, established in 2010. Our name ONEPAD comes from ONENESS, meaning ONE, ONLY ONE, THE ONE. We strive to create the best tech solutions that can enhance your lifestyle with a singular focus to combine practicality and design. And now, we are with great pleasure that we formally announce, with immediate effect, ONEPAD, ICUERO, ONEPAD LIVINGS, HEXA, and any other sub-brands that were introduced in the past or currently in the market will be rebranded under one single brand, ONELIVINGS. We believe that with a unifying brand name, it would better reflect our product philosophy and as a result, a better connection with our customers. This change will have no effect what so effect to our current customers and owners of our products. We will continue to service our customers with sincerity and commitment. We once again thank you for your support. 




4 January, 2019


2010年我們成立了ONEPAD,ONE是取自ONENESS , 即合一、一體的意思,意指把科技、設計及實用性合而為一,並以簡潔如一個屏幕 —— ONEPAD —— 的方式呈現在我們的產品上。





4 January, 2019


History of ONEPAD

ONEPAD, established in 2010, strives to create the best tech solutions that can enhance your lifestyle. Since our inception, we have been designing and producing products that are well received in the market.


The release of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 gave rise to a new generation of Apple-Inspired entrepreneurs in the consumer electronics landscape. With the beginning of this era, the iPhone ancillary products remained no more a commodity. Brands started differentiating the iPhone related products as consumers became more and more mindful of the safety of their device. ONEPAD attempts to provide unique, differentiated iPhone accessories that not just protect the iPhone but also augment its usability and looks.


Some of our exceptional products are:


iCUERO cases for iPad

It was the first product to be granted a patent for its user-friendly design. The iCUERO cases come with an innovative kickstand design that enables its users to have a comfortable portrait view.

Carbon series for iPhone 4/5/6


Folks series for iPhone 4

Carbon Series with GTR and HUMMER iPhone cases


ONEPAD has always worked on the evolving needs of its audience. With the launch of a new iPhone in the market, we are ready with the complementing accessories that enhance its features.


With the launch of iPhone X and iPhone 8, that works with a Qi-compatible wireless charger, we introduced the ONEPAD HEXA Qi-certified wireless charger that is not just compatible with iPhone X and iPhone 8 but any Qi compatible smartphones.


We try to accompany our customer in every wake of life to make their lives easier. Therefore, we have stepped into the lifestyle niche and introduced home beautifully designed utility products like:


Ultrasonic Cleaner D3000

Ultrasonic Cleaner S300



We are growing each day as we see a broader audience with a mass appeal for our products.


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