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How To Use An Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner?

Jewelry cleaning is a tricky business once you notice that dirt and grime have accumulated on its edges throughout the years.

In order to remove it, you can either wash it with a cleaning solution or have a professional do the cleaning for you. If you did do it yourself, you would need to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of cleaning and your touch must also be gentle so you don’t damage the piece completely. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, you can always bring it to a professional jeweler to get it cleaned. However, you will need to pay for the service and if you have a lot of pieces, it may cost you a lot.

Fortunately, jewelry cleaning has become easier through the years thanks to technology and today, you can now purchase ultrasonic cleaners to do the job for you.

A diamond ring
Diamond Ring can be tricky when cleaning

How Does An Ultrasound Cleaner Work?

Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasound to force the dirt away from your jewelry alongside a cleaning solution that works well with the device.

In order to clean with an ultrasound cleaner, you simply fill the tank with the prescribed amount of cleaning solution and turn it on. Once it is turned on, the cleaner would produce ultrasound vibrations that would help the cleaning solution get rid of the dirt on your jewelry. Even hard to reach places will be cleaned with the help of this device.

What Cleaning Solution Can You Use?

For jewelry cleaning, it is important you purchase a jewelry cleaner since it is carefully designed to work well with jewelry. If you will be using it with an ultrasonic cleaner, you should check its labels if it is suitable for the item.

You can also make your own cleaning solution by adding some ammonia and soap on water. If you do use this method, you need to let the machine run for a few minutes without anything in the tank so the solution is properly mixed.

Top Tip: Heat the Machine Before Jewelry Cleaning

In order to ensure that the machine works well in providing a thorough clean for your jewelry, you need to make sure the ultrasonic cleaner is hot.

Nowadays, ultrasonic cleaners come with their own built-in cleaners to ensure the solution is properly heated for better jewelry cleaning. However, these models are more expensive. As an alternative, you can always heat the water up before adding in the ammonia and soap. Don’t let the water boil though. Just get it hot enough to ensure all the ingredients would mix properly.

How Does Cleaning Take Place?

When you fill the tank with hot water and the cleaning liquid or the cleaning solution, you can put in your jewelry in. Make sure you do not put in all the jewelry in the tank because it may only scratch your jewelry during the cleaning process.

Turn the machine on and let it on until your jewelry is clean. Usually, it would only take the machine 1 to 20 minutes to clean pieces depending on how dirty it is. Turn the machine off and let it sit for an extra 5 to 10 minutes to ensure the dirt falls to the bottom of the ultrasonic tank.

Take off the jewelry and clean it with a soft bristle brush to remove all the extra dirt. Wash them afterwards and dry it with a soft cloth.

What To Remember When Using An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

It is ideal that you use an ultrasonic cleaner every other week or every week depending on how much you use your jewelry.

It is also important to make sure that your jewelry can withstand ultrasonic cleaning since not all gems or metals can be cleaned through this method.

Some of the pieces that cannot be cleaned through an ultrasonic cleaner are soft gems like emeralds, opals and turquoise and organic pieces like pearls and amber. You shouldn’t use an ultrasonic cleaner for gemstones which had been heat treated.

Once you clean your jewelry with these ultrasonic cleaner, you should dry them immediately with a soft cloth or dry them with the help of the provided accessories rack for different items which comes with the machine.

What Affordable Ultrasonic Cleaner Should You Get?

If you are considering to purchase a home use ultrasonic cleaner, there are many choices to choose from. Some home use ultrasonic cleaners come with all the features you will need to clean your jewelry. Others come with extras like an accessories rack for different items or cleaning solutions that works well with the device.

Here are the features that you should consider to help you pick out the best affordable ultrasonic cleaner that would match your needs:

- Dimensions Check how much load the cleaner can handle. If you will be cleaning large items with it, pick one that has a larger tank.

- Allowed Items to Clean Not all ultrasonic cleaners can clean certain delicate items. Check the brand’s allowed items for cleaning and see which ones you can’t clean with the device.

- Cleaning modes Some ultrasonic cleaners only have one cleaning mode for minor cleaning. If you will be cleaning a lot of items and they need deeper cleaning, get the ones with other cleaning modes.

- Sonic or ultrasonic Sonic cleaners are not ideal since they do not agitate the solution. Ultrasonic cleaners, on the other hand, ensures that the solution is shaken properly and cleans the item being cleaned.

- Configuration Check if the ultrasonic cleaner you are going to purchase can be operated with one touch button, multi-button or touch screen.

- Extra features Aside from getting the usual perks like an instruction manual or a guide on how to use the machine, jewelry basket for better drying and a cleaning solution, you should also check if the ultrasonic cleaner comes with things like an accessories rack for different items or 240v compatibility.

Final Remarks

Jewelries are very precious and unique, which is why they must be regularly cleaned in order to ensure they remain sparkling and in good condition. If we allowed them to lose their luster, their value decreases and they may eventually fade into nothing. With the help of these home use ultrasonic cleaners, you do not have to worry about cleaning your jewelry manually and keeping them pristine.

So, if you have jewelry at home that needs a good cleaning, invest in one of the affordable ultrasonic cleaners we have and start restoring them to their original luster!

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