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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Newly designed concrete-base Himalayan Salt Lamps. Great decor idea to open space and loft-style living area.

Captivating Presence

The mesmerizing orange glow demands attention. Be it at day time or during dinner at night time, it is always captivating to look at. 

Living Space Appreciation

Living Space Appreciations

If you are looking for entirely different salt lamps, look no further. We have designed 2 very special bases for Himalayan Salt Lamps. Marble-finished concrete base and concrete with zebrawood. The Loft edition will dramatically improve your space with a sense of calmness and alleviated mood.


To properly appreciate the authenticity and beauty of Himalaya salt, we purposely design an equally artistic ceramic base that complements well with the Himalayan salt. The ceramic base can work best with our USB LED with Dimmer set. There are two color options to choose from Sandy White and Dusty Gray. 

Marble Treatment

The exquisite finish we put on the base is time-consuming. The finish resembles the image of snow covered Himalayan mountain range. The finish is calm and soothing, directly contrasting the orange glow of the Himalayan Salt. Ideal for display, decor and personal appreciation purpose.


Concrete is a versatile building materials that can be shaped in almost any forms. Sharp lines and distinct shapes are often represented in concrete. It is a very durable materials that can last many years. It is Complementing well with Himalayan Salt.


Zebrawood is a high quality wood. It is hard and best for use in musical instrument. It is a perfect companion material for salt lamps for its prominent pattern. 

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