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Secrets To Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Best way to clean diamond and makes it shine again with ultrasonic cleaner
Secret ways to make your diamond sparkling again

Out of all the natural substances that can be found on earth, diamonds are the most precious of them all.

Diamonds are capable of cutting any rock or metal and the only way to cut a diamond is by using another diamond to cut it. Since it is difficult to cut, mining tools used to mine diamonds often need to be diamond treated for it to chip a large piece. If you wish to melt or burn a diamond, it must be heated up to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit before it can be adjusted according to the design you want it to take form.

However, despite its tough qualities, a simple touch can easily cause diamonds to lose their sparkle since dirt would easily seep in the piece and destroy it completely if left unchecked. Unfortunately, jewelry owners often think jewelry cleaning is expensive and it could damage the piece.

Contrary to popular belief, diamond jewelry can be cleaned even at home. And, if you have a lot of diamonds in your collection, here are some tips you can follow to ensure your diamonds continue to sparkle like the first time you bought them:

Handle Your Diamonds With Care

Diamonds can easily get dirty as oil sticks to it easily and collect dirt. As a result, it is very difficult to keep diamonds clean.

When you place your diamond jewelry on your fingers, wrist or neck, make sure the diamonds do not touch your fingers or skin directly since it will distribute oil on the piece. Once you remove it from your body, make sure to take it out swiftly and place it in its box carefully.

Regularly Clean Your Diamonds

Diamond jewelry must be regularly cleaned in order to ensure it continues to sparkle like a brand-new piece.

A simple way to do jewelry cleaning or diamond cleaning for these pieces is by soaking it in a homemade degreasing solution once or twice a week. To create your own degreasing solution, you only need to add a few drops of mild dish soap to water and mix carefully to spread the soap.

Once the diamond has been soaked on the solution for a few minutes, use a new and soft bristle toothbrush to do an effective cleaning on the piece. Make sure to clean the hard-to-reach areas like the back of the jewelry to remove the oil and dirt that is collected there. You must also clean the diamond’s face gently so you don’t cause scratches to appear on it.

Do not use the toothbrush you used for diamond cleaning for other items so your jewelry won’t be tainted by other substances. Make sure to dry it after each cleaning and store it with your jewelry so you know it is the brush you use.

Clean With A Gentle Touch

When you are doing diamond cleaning or even regular jewelry cleaning for your other pieces, it is important you use a gentle touch to do an effective cleaning. Some pieces have fragile settings like prongs or mounts which hold the diamond or the gemstones in place. With this in mind, it is important you do not pressure these settings by scrubbing them hard during cleaning so they won’t come loose or deformed.

After you brush the diamond, simply rinse the piece with water and use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry. You must also ensure that the sink drain is closed as you rinse the piece or else your jewelry might go down the drain by accident if it slips from your fingers!

If you are uncertain with your touch, you can bring them to a professional jewelry shop so they can do the cleaning for you. Jewelers are trained to handle jewelry pieces with care and they are capable of cleaning them without causing damage.

Do Not Use Harmful Chemicals

Effective cleaning for jewelry, especially diamond pieces, does not require bleach or abrasives. Some of these solutions come with chemicals that can damage the precious metals used to hold diamond settings together and it can also scratch the gold or metals holding the diamonds in place.

Cleaning diamonds can be a very delicate task
Cleaning diamonds can be a very delicate task

Handle Home Use Ultrasonic Cleaners With Care

Nowadays, there are now home use ultrasonic cleaners offered in the market to help with jewelry cleaning. These home use ultrasonic cleaners can get rid of encrusted dirt and grime easily with the help of low frequency waves and a unique cleaning solution.

Unfortunately, ultrasonic cleaners can also shake the loose diamond stones from their mounts or even cause chips to appear in diamonds. More damage may occur if the stones are close to one another. If your diamond piece comes with feathers or is included with such material, be careful when doing diamond cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner. You should also avoid it completely if your diamond piece has fracture fillings.

If you are going to use a home use ultrasonic cleaner to clean your jewelry, check your diamond’s grading report if they have been treated before it was placed in your jewelry piece. If your jewelry does not come with a grading report, you can ask a professional jewelry to check up your jewelry’s condition if it will require repairs before it can be cleaned with machine.


Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and it is important they remain sparkling even if you keep them under a lock and key. If they are not regularly cleaned, the dirt and grime that is collected by the piece will cause it to lose value and may destroy the piece completely.

In order to prevent this from happening, you must make some time to do jewelry cleaning for your collection: either by doing diamond cleaning manually or better, use a home use ultrasonic cleaner. It will only take you a few minutes of your time every other week and it is a certainty that your efforts would not be in vain once your diamond pieces turn heads because of its unique sparkle.

So bedazzled your jewels away with our helpful tips above.

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