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Onepad livings ultrasonic cleaner s300 white

Designed for your whole family

Ultrasonic Cleaner S300 is the perfect companion product your household. Its spacious cleaning tank can accommodate numerous different personal items for simultaneous thorough cleaning.

It is perfect for your glasses, personal accessories like rings, bracelets, necklaces, stainless steel watch band, water resistant watch, denture etc.

Plain water does the trick

S300 will only need plain water to provide thorough cleaning process. In some cases you will be advised to add just a few drop of detergent or special cleaning agents depends on the items concerned. Be it your glasses, accessories, the ultrasonic motor will produce cavitation bubbles at 42KHz that bombard the tiny gaps that filled with dirts, bacteria, harmful elements that otherwise difficult to get rid of with conventional means.

Special cleaning agent likes detergent can provide extra cleaning with removing contaminants that populated on the surface of the items.

Stainless Steel Tank with Accessories Holder

S300 features a  tank made with SUS304 stainless steel, with a capacity of 640ml, it will provide simultaneous cleaning of multiple items at the same time.

The package comes with accessories holder that specifically holding small items like ear rings, necklaces and watch with stainless steel bands.

S300 comes with accessoris racks best, best use with watches and the basket can hold multiple small items like ear rings, necklace
spacious water tank of s300 can clean multiple items simultanously
S300 features a LCD display that help you monitor manage the desired cleaning time. The one touch operation makes it so easy to use for everyone. Just press and choose the time and start.

Different cleaning presets

Extremely quiet operation. You can select one of five times (varies from 90-600 seconds) for the cleaning duration according to the number, size and dirtiness of your items.

Compatible markets

S300 is now supporting 220-240V rating countries. Below is a list of countries that we can ship to with corresponding plugs. Please refer to below list of countries that are using the 220-240V 50/60Hz voltage before ordering. Thank you.

Supported Destination Countries
with 220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz and plug type designator
  • Austria /C

  • Belgium /C

  • Czechoslovakia Republic /C

  • Denmark /C

  • Finland /C

  • France /C

  • Germany /C

  • Hungary /C

  • Italy /C

  • Ireland /G

  • Greece /C

  • Latvia /C

  • Luxembourg /C

  • Netherlands /C

  • Norway /C

  • Poland /C

  • Portugal /C

  • Russia /C

  • Slovak Republic /C

  • Slovenia /C

  • Spain /C

  • Sweden /C

  • Switzerland /C

  • Ukraine /C

  • United Kingdom /G

Asia Pacific
  • Australia /I

  • China /C

  • Hong Kong SAR /G

  • India /C

  • Indonesia /C

  • Korea, South /C

  • Macau SAR /G

  • Malaysia /G

  • New Zealand /I

  • Philippines /C

  • Singapore /G

  • Thailand /C

  • Vietnam /C

Middle East
  • Bahrain /G

  • Dubai /G

  • Iraq /G

  • Israel /C

  • Jordan /G

  • Kuwait /G

  • Lebanon /G

  • Saudia Arabia /G

  • Turkey /C

Latin America
  • Argentina /I

  • Bolivia /C

  • Brazil /C

  • Chile /C

  • Paraguay /C

  • Peru /C

  • Uruguay /C

  • Burkina Faso /C

  • Cameroon /C

  • Chad /C

  • Equatorial Guinea /C

  • Gabon /C

  • Gambia /G

  • Ghana /G

  • Malawi /G

  • Mauritius /C

  • Nigeria /G

  • Senegal /C

  • South Africa /C

Plug type designator

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