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Loft Edition

Pilar & Vessel

The new Vessel and Pilar Himalayan Salt Lamps feature abstract, unpredictable, and yet calm and definite body line. After last year Loft edition was launched with a marble textured concrete base, we explore further in the concrete material realm with the design and aim to create a Himalayan Salt Lamp that can resemble a vessel and pillar of a building. 

Loft Pilar White.jpg

Loft Edition







Himalayan Salt Lamps belongs to a very different kind of decor. Its healing effect has made it become an inseparable part of people's households. For this reason, we decide to produce a distinctive base that features multi-facets in a circular formation to form an artistic feature of the whole salt lamp. The multi-facets design of PILAR represents the different aspects of our lives that are intertwined closely together. Meditating our inner-self and connecting our various aspects or ways is always liberating and meditating. In another way, the foundation of life is about our origin and our path. We hope Pilar will inspire you to talk to yourself more and explore your path with confidence.

Loft Vessel White.jpg

Loft Edition


Visually Striking 

Himalayan Salt Lamp



Loft Vessel is a rectangular-shaped concrete base with distinct feather-like edges.  It resembles a moving craft, a floating vessel, a high flying kite, a traveling sea wave, or the floating magic carpet as featured in the Aladin. The bodyline embeds an idea is that by floating or levitating, we would liberate our mind and uplifting your spirit. After all, who doesn't want to be carried away with mind wandering in joy or slowly entering into a dreamy state before sleep? 

Design Statement

A Combination of 2 Earthly and Contrasting Elements

ONELIVINGS Loft Edition Himalayan Salt Lamps uses high-density concrete to create a strong and powerful structure to complement the Himalayan Salt's uniqueness. The smoothness of the structure's surface contrasts with that of the rugged and raw property of salt rock. Making the whole lamp distinctively different from what you have seen in the market.
Although the concrete offers impeccable hardness and stiffness in properties, Vessel and Pilar features a body line that shows lightness and joyful unpredictability. Our design philosophy envisions that the Himalayan Salt Lamp should be quietly spectacular and serves the Himalayan Salt well enough without overshadowing the importance of the Salt itself. 

Vessel&Pilar closeup-21.jpg


We selected a few of the product photos for your viewing. Enjoy.

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