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Himalaya Salt Lamps with Artistic Ceramic Touch

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Beginning of Human Arts

Ceramics is considered one of the earliest art humans has created since the beginning of humanity more than 20,000 years ago. From ancient artifacts to modern arts, ceramics always serves as bacon of human culture. 

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For generations, people revel the existence of Himalayan Salt. It radiates a warm orange hue that calms our mind, helps us gathers our thoughts.  Whether it is in office, bedroom, living room, or just a private corner that you meditate in, ONELIVINGS Artisan Himalayan Salt Lamp is always there with you, living through every moment you cherish.

Beginning of Human Arts

Different artistic designs represent tastes, style, and character. Simple and geometrical shapes complement the rawness and originality of Himalayan Salt.

Ambient Lighting in Control

ONELIVINGS Artisan Himalaya Salt Lamps feature an all-new USB powered LED lighting system. This new USB LED lighting system offers a long life cycle of around 100,000 hours. It requires just a standard USB powered port; it is less energy-thirsty and achieves the right lighting intensity as good as a conventional lightbulb. It also comes with dimmer control that adjusts the light intensity to a level of your desire.

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To properly appreciate the authenticity and beauty of Himalaya salt, we purposely design an equally artistic ceramic base that complements well with the Himalayan salt. The ceramic base can work best with our USB LED with Dimmer set. There are two color options to choose from Sandy White and Dusty Gray. 

Touch Dimmer

The newly developed USB Touch Dimmer is reliable and energy-efficient. Utilizing standard USB power, you can switch on and off with a simple tap and tap and hold to adjust the brightness you want. .

USB Powered LED

The LED module radiates bright light that is equivalent to a 15W light bulb. The LED module lasts for many thousand of continuous uses.

Different Shapes & Styles

We have designed a series of different ceramic bases so that there is always one that suits your taste. 

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