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Remember the SCENT of fresh air?

Introducing Wonder W1000

The clean and unpolluted air... is back... 


ONELIVINGS Wonder Personal Air Purifier W1000 is a very able personal air purifier. It is thoroughly tested by Intertek to assure quality and performance. W1000 produces over 36 million - 44 million units of negatively charged ions*. This performance of a high concentration of ions effectively cleanses the air in your surroundings by coupling with different pollutants like viruses, pollen, smoke, dusty particles, and molds. W1000 is highly effective when using in confined space like office workspace, meeting room, cafe area, and crowded transport space where air circulation is substandard.

Why W1000?


The air we breathe in, in most cases, is very polluted. Pollutants like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, bacterial aerosolspollens, and dusty particles suspended in the air and float miles away from places you haven't visited. 

With much of the indoor places are now installed with the central ventilation system. The air it cycles is the same air as anyone sick person will breathe. Thus germs or viral aerosols easily spreads out through the ventilation system if there presents a source of airborne virus or bacterias.


W1000 will improve the air in your personal area, minimizing the risk of infection or being caught up in the chain of transmission. The high concentration of negatively charged ions it produces quickly coupled with these harmful air particles in mass number and make it heavy enough to fall to the ground.

36M-44M Ions


Wonder W1000 is a must-have personal air purifier. At 34 grams, Wonder W1000 is of the most capable ionizer you can find in the market. Tested within a confined space, W1000 produces a whopping 36M-44M million ions per cubic centimeter concentrations* at 5 cm from the outlet, Wonder W1000 will bring down any harmful particles in the air with a high concentration of anions, or commonly known as negatively charged ions.

* Tests carried out at Intertek, China and Guangdong Institute of Microbiology. Results obtained on 9 Apr, 2020 and 31 Mar, 2020 respectively.

Battle Hardened W1000

Lab-Proven Performance

The W1000 went through a series of stringent tests by different professional laboratories so that we make sure the air you breathe is as clean as possible.  We put through W1000 is tested against PM2.5 removal rate, killing rate of Staphylococcus (PM0.5-2.0), Ozone emission, and ions concentration at a reasonable distance away from the outlet.


PM2.5:  PM2.5 refers to particulate matters with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less, (≤ PM2.5). These fine particulate matters can penetrate the lung barrier and enter the blood system. Chronic exposure to particles contributes to the risk of developing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as lung cancer. According to the WHO, there is a close, quantitative relationship between exposure to high concentrations of small particulates (PM10 and PM2.5) and increased mortality or morbidity, both daily and over time. Our test result shows W1000 can remove the PM2.5 suspended in the air. 

Bactericidal effects of Negative Ions:  W1000 is effective in killing airborne bacterias like staphylococcus species within confined space. These airborne bacterias with a diameter of 1µm - 2 µm (PM1-PM2) can cause serious health problems. Our lab test shows W1000 can kill 95% of the airborne bacterias like staphylococcus bacterias in the air. High concentrations of negative ions make the bacterias lose water to its surrounding environment and it die as a result of this loss of water. Additionally, a high concentration of ionic particles will bring down these harmful particles that suspended in the air through precipitation.

36M-44M Negative Ions:  Within 0.3 - 1 cubic meter, W1000 is capable of generating a massive concentration of 36M-44M* negative ions per cubic centimeter. This high concentration is essential in removing particulate matters through precipitation and ionic interaction with the bacterial wall that is crucial in dehydrating the bacterias. 

Ozone Emission:  W1000 emits 0.003mg/m3 almost no ozone gas during the process.  You can just turn it on and left running all day long.

* Test performed within confined space. Data collected with 5cm from the outlet. Test performed on 31 Mar, 2020 and 9 Apr, 2020 respectively. 



Removal Rate

Viral Particles



Killing Rate

Negative ions


Per Cubic Centimeter


W1000 BW front.png

Safety Ensured

W1000 conforms with the following standards:


  • CE EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

  • FCC SDOC - Part 15, ANSIC63.4:2014

  • RoHS Directive - 2011/65/EU

In addition, W1000 built-in lithium-ion battery obtained the following safety certifications or satisfied the relevant standards:

  • United Nations (UN) Transport Regulations UN38.3: It is for battery safety during air transport.

  • International Standard IEC 62133: It is for Lithium-Ion batteries used in IT equipment, tools, laboratory, household, and medical equipment.

  • Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available.

safety marks-02.png
safety marks-01.png
safety marks-03.png
safety marks-05.png
safety marks-04.png
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