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Download our infographics for more fun facts about our salt lamps.

250,000,000 years of Essence of Life

Onelivings Himalayan Salt Lamp is 100% original and is extracted from mines by hand in Pakistan. Deposited 250 millions years ago, Himalayan Salt possesses over 84 minerals and trace elements.  Salt protected under layers of lava in the Himalayan mountains for thousands and thousands of years and therefore not exposed to toxins and pollution.

Purifying Touch

When Onelivings Himalayan Salt Lamp is switched on and heated up by the light bulb in it, it helps purify air by attracting surrounding water molecules and pollutants attached to it and as the water evaporates,  the air pollutants will remain on the salt lamp surface. As a result, Onelivings Himalayan Salt Lamp is the most natural air purifier you can get.

Improve Sleep

The low color temperature of the Onelivings Himalayan Salt Lamp radiates dim red and warm orange ambiance lighting to every environment, providing a relaxing atmosphere calm moods and boost focus. And with so many gadgets and electronics in our daily lives, the positive ions released by these gadgets will interfere with our sleep patterns. With Onelivings Himalayan Salt Lamp, the negatives ions released by the salt lamp will cancel the electromagnetic radiation and absorb the positive ions in the process. As a result, not only salt lamp improves our mood, it also improves your sleep quality. More Info on health benefits


The mesmerizing glow of Onelivings Himalayan Salt Lamp is one of the most soothing experience.  Individually handcrafted, each of the Onelivings Himalayan Salt Lamp is unique and beautiful. 

Meet the Family


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