Ultrasonic Cleaner D3000 features a one-touch button operation that is truly easy to use. 3 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning and your beloved items will be as shiny as new one.

D3000 stylish design makes it a perfect match for your beloved personal accessories, like spectables, rings, bracelets, necklaces, stainless steel watch band, water resistant watch, denture etc.


Plain water does the trick

D3000 works with plain water to provide thorough cleaning process. Be it your glasses, accessories, the ultrasonic motor will produce cavitation bubbles at 42KHz that bombard the tiny gaps that filled with dirts, bacteria, harmful elements that otherwise difficult to get rid of with conventional means.

Special cleaning agent likes detergent can provide extra cleaning with removing contaminants that populated on the surface of the items.


Stainless Steel Tank with Accessories Holder

D3000 features a tank made with SUS304 stainless steel, it will provide simultaneous cleaning of multiple items at the same time.

The package comes with accessories holder that specifically holding small items like ear rings, necklaces and watch with stainless steel bands.


  • Product Specifications


    • Model: D3000
    • Ultrasonic Frequency: 42KHz
    • Tank Capacity: 450ml
    • Max: 330ml
    • Power Supply: 35W(AC220V-240V,50), AC220V-240V only
    • Digital Timer Settings: 180s Auto-Off Feature
    • Tank Materials: Stainless Steel SUS304
    • Houseing Materials: ABS
  • Warranty Information

    This product is provided with one year hardware warranty.

  • Usage Information

    • Do not put any of your body parts into the tank during operation
    • Do not put broken items or worn out materials or parts for ultrasonic cleaning
    • Ideals for use metal frames, earrings, bracelets, denture, hard jewel items, water resistant metal and plastic accessories, stainless steel watch band, tooth brushes etc.
    • Always unplug the power cord before you open the lid.
    • Standard cleaning operation requires only tap water or purified water. Enhanced cleaning may require appropriate cleaning solutions to water. Dish detergent can be used in general.
    • This product passed all 5 internationally recognized certifications: CE, GS, PSE, ETL, CETL.
    • To meet the rigorous demand in Europe for environmental protection and control of harmful chemical substances, all our suppliers have upgraded their supply quality standards. All products have RoHS, PAHs, REACH, Phthalates certifications.

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