ONELIVINGS CUBE Himalayan Salt Lamp

• Hand-excavated Genuine Himalayan Salt
• Hand-crafted FSC® certified Beech wood base
• Eco-friendly and easy-installation design
• Heavy-duty CE certified Tungsten Lightbulb
• Safe and Reliable Dimmer Switch and Cable Cord (CE/ UL and RoHS Certified)


Product Information

Authentic Himalayan Salt

ONELIVINGS CUBE Himalayan Salt Lamp is using 100% genuine Himalayan Salt coming from Himalayan Salt Mine in Pakistan. Each ONELIVINGS CUBE Himalayan Salt Lamp is handcrafted into cubic form factor and installed with square beech handrafted wooden base that made from sustainable beech forest in Germany.


Comes with the heavy-duty light bulb, ONELIVINGS CUBE Himalayan Salt Lamp radiates a warm, amber glow, adding a gentle touch and calming atmosphere to your space.


Calming and soothing experience

When used with the included dimmer switch, you can adjust the intensity of the mesmesmizing amber glow of Himalayan Salt Lamp, providing a unqiue, soothing and relaxing experience.


ONELIVINGS Himalayan Salt Lamp will help reduce stress by emitting 1500K-4000K color light which is the ideal night light color temperature. So it improves your sleep quality and helps rejuvenate energy and mood.


One of the intrinsic property of salt that it is hygroscopic in nature. As a result, the salt will cry if there is enough moisture in the air. We recommend you always switch on your Salt Lamp so the heat produced by the light bulb will dry the salt and the clean water vapor will be evaporised back to the air.

ONELIVINGS CUBE Himalayan Salt Lamp

Plug Type
  • Product Specifications

    • Power: 15W
    • Voltage and plug type: 
      - 220-240V, 3 pins UK socket (Suitable for Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and UK), OR
      - 100-120V, 2 pins US socket (Suitable for Taiwan, Japan, USA and Canada), OR
      - 220-240V, 2 pins China socket (Suitable for China)
    • Weight: Salt 3-4 KG
    • Dimensions: Cubic salt 12cm x 12cm x 12cm, Square wooden base 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm
    • Material: Genuine Himalayan Salt with FSC certified beech wood base
    • Lightbulb: E14/ E12 15W Heavy-duty Tungsten
    • Cable cord: CE/ UL and RoHS Certified, 1.5m, with Dimmer Switch
    • Package content: Salt Lamp x1, Lightbulbs x2, User Manual x1
  • Warranty Information

    This product is provided with one year hardware warranty.

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