ONELIVINGS MADO : Window Himalayan Salt Lamp

ONELIVINGS MADO Himalayan Salt Lamp


MADO : Window is our entirely new approach in designing salt lamps. We borrowed the Japanese word "MA-DO", which means pane or window because it best describes our idea of this new design. 


"Rediscover the Anchor of Your Life。

MADO is a Himalayan Salt Lamp that accompanies your journey to regaining your focus and your goal. Follow your daily ritual in the morning, in the afternoon, or before sleep. During the darkest hours of self-isolation or under extreme pressure from working alone at home, MADO is helping by radiating a mesmerizing and heartwarming orangish glow that induces positive thoughts and meditative rest.


The space we occupy is a significant part of our lives; thus, there is nothing more essential to have a harmonious space to rest and meditate peacefully. Having MADO Himalayan Salt Lamp will significantly enhance the space's atmosphere and improve meditation and spiritual wellness.  


A Healing Decor

MADO : Window is unique. Its design resembles a window with a rising sun. The bodyline is dramatic and definite; the surface is smooth, and the form is rigid. The sheer density and weight of the concrete contribute to a sense of security and confidence. MADO: Window commands attention, attracts a curious look, and exert an air of quiet determination. All these effects combine the Himalayan Salt's intrinsic mesmerizing glow, making it a healing decor that benefits everyone within the space.


When Art meets mindfulness

Time after time, events around us are so overwhelming that we are not always fully grasped of its significance. A couple mindfulness sessions each day will help you regain your focus and appreciation of time and space. MADO : Window is your perfect companion in achieving mindfulness.  


Package Content

  • LED Module with USB touch sensitive dimmer cable
  • MADO  (wrapped in protective plastic bag and embedded in layers of EPE foam
  • Installation guide
  • Salt Rock (in separate package, may be shipped separately)



One of the intrinsic properties of salt is that it is hygroscopic in nature. As a result, the salt will cry if there is enough moisture in the air. We recommend you always switch on your Salt Lamp so the heat produced by the heat sink will dry the salt and the clean water vapor will be vaporised back to the air. The heat sink will dissipate heat, disregards the LED light intensity. We recommend you adjust the LED to the lowest power before sleep or as a situation arises. 



ONELIVINGS MADO : Window Himalayan Salt Lamp

Color of Base
  • Warranty Information

    • USB LED and the Touch Dimmer USB Cable are provided with one year hardware warranty.
    • Salt and the MADO is not covered.
  • Specifications

    • Weight of the MADO Window:
      • approx. 13kg
    • Weight of the MADO Gate:
      • approx. 6.5kg
    • Dimension:
      • Window: 30x40x12.5cm
      • Gate: 31x35x13cm
    • Material: Cement, strenght C50
    • LED: 0.5W x3
    • USB Cable cord: CE, FCC and PSE and RoHS Certified, 1.8m, with Dimmer Switch
    • Package content: Salt Lamp x1, USB LED with heat sink x1, USB cord with touch sensitive dimmer x1, User Manual x1

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