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ONELIVINGS Himalayan Salt Lamps | How to choose the color of the salt lamp?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Did you know that Himalayan rose rock salt has other natural colors besides dreamy pink?

The following introduces you to various salt lamps of different colors and their usage scenarios~

| Magnificent and unique pink rose rock salt

Himalayan rock salt is the essence of the earth; it is 250 million years old and contains more than 80 minerals. Potassium, silicon, phosphorus, vanadium, and iron are included in the rock salt, making the rock salt unique pink color. Today only the Himalayas in Pakistan can still produce rose rock salt, so this special pink rock salt is also known as Himalayan rock salt.

The pink rose salt lamp can emit a warm color spectrum of about 1500K-4000K because of its color. When our pupils receive this kind of sunset-like low color temperature light waves, the brain can consciously relax, which can help reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Its warm amber light can provide soft and non-glaring light, which is especially suitable for the elderly who like to use mobile phones before going to bed, feed newborn babies at night, or have poor eyesight as a bedside night light.

| The rare Himalayan white salt lamp

Himalayan white salt, which can only be mined in particular mining areas in Pakistan, is generally only found in the outermost layer of the caves. The color is milky white, output is very rare.

Himalayan white salt is pure and beautiful, elegant and straightforward, it helps purify the body and mind and enhance the energy field. It is a natural artwork full of aura. The white and flawless salt stone has the highest light transmittance, so it is especially suitable for placement in the study room, dining room, or space that requires extra light.

| Very artistic style ink gray salt lamp

Like Himalayan white salt, black limestone salt is also very rare, and contains more calcium, magnesium, iron and other trace mineral elements than ordinary rock salt.

Because of its high mineral content and uneven distribution, the light transmittance on each side is low and inconsistent. Himalayan black limestone salt emits a calm and soft light, which is especially suitable for you who are sensitive to light during sleep. His unique color and luster is a natural artwork with great style, giving the space a strong sense of Zen design, and it is also very suitable for adding individual taste to the space.

| Auspicious and ruddy rich red salt lamp

The luck-filled red salt lamp is also known as the pigeon blood red salt lamp. Because of the deeper ore bed, the longer the formation time, and the richer iron content, the rich red salt lamp presents a deeper red color. Its texture is hard and it is not easy to mine, so the price is higher than the general rose salt lamp. Like the black limestone salt, it contains more minerals and is unevenly distributed, so the light transmittance on each side is low and inconsistent. The rich red salt lamp illuminated by light is rosy in color, with the meaning of the celebration and good fortune, so it is deeply loved by feng shui experts.

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