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A not so simple piece of hardware

We recently launched a series of products of Himalayan Salt Lamps, it is beautiful and elegant. It may look that salt lamps are a relatively simple piece of hardware. But in fact the process of putting together from various components into a one is a complicated process and this process involves a lot skilled work. The salts are from salt mine that belongs to The Great Himalayas Range in Pakistan, while the wooden base is from sustainable forest in Germany, and the lightbulbs are heavy duty grade that are being used in oven. We are proud that the end products are of high quality Himalayan Salt Lamps that our customers will enjoy using. Himalayan Salt Lamps are good for health especially when having sleep and stress issue. Its low color temperature emits a orange hues that radiates a relaxing mood and atmosphere. Once your turn it on you will want to keep it on as the soothing and calming light is comforting.

We have introduced different Salt Lamps, you can browse through our store and select the one that suit your place. In coming months we will continue to develop new Himalayan Salt related products.

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