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Qi Certified High Speed Wireless Charger

ONEPAD HEXA Qi Certified High Speed Wireless Charger is built to comply with Qi wireless charging standards. It is optimized for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and any other Qi compatible smartphones to deliver safe, fast charging speed with up to 10W of power.

It is worries free

Just put the Qi compatible smartphones on the charging pad and it will automatically detect the power required for the fast charging (requires a QC3.0 power adapter for optimal performance).

HEXA wireless charger protects your phone from prolonged charging by automatically cut off power and put into standby mode.

It is safe

With circuitry protection, you can simple sleep with peace of mind leaving your expensive phone charging overnight without worrying about over-loading and over-heating.

 We have you covered

Plastic cases and leather cases are fully supported. You don't have take off the cases to benefit the fast wireless charging. (cases with no more than 5mm in thickness)

 We have you covered

It outputs 5W/7.5W/10W to ensure devices across the market are supported. It is optimized fast charging for Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8.devices at 7.5W.

Great design for your desktop

With its unique geometrical design, HEXA is not just a charger, it radiates a sense of accomplishment that it complements so well on your desktop. 

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