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ONELIVINGS Himalayan Salt Lamp | How to choose the size and shape of the salt lamp

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

One of the most popular questions we received: What size Himalayan salt lamp should I choose?

Himalayan salt lamps are priced by weight, color, quality, shape, etc. The salt lamps generally placed in the home can be roughly classified into the following sizes:

Wonder Salt Lamps

- Salt Rock weight 2-3kg,height 16-18cm,width 12cm

- Salt Rock weight 3-5kg,height 19-21cm,width 13cm

- Salt Rock weight 5-7kg,height 21-25cm,width 15cm

Shaped salt lamps can be divided into two common sizes, 10 cm or less in diameter and 12 cm or more in diameter.

How to choose the right size salt lamp? Here we provide two guidelines for reference

1. Uses

If you want to use a salt lamp as a bedside lamp or night light, it is recommended to choose a natural mountain-shaped salt lamp of 2-3 kg or a shaped salt lamp with a diameter of less than 10 cm.

If used as a table lamp or decorative ornament, you can choose a natural mountain-shaped salt lamp of 3-5 kg ​​or more or a shaped salt lamp with a diameter of 12 cm or more.

2. Area

You can also decide the size of the salt lamp to choose according to the area of the space where the salt lamp is expected to be placed:


Suggested Size

Lighting module

< 100sq.ft


<10 sqm

Wonder 2-3kg/

<width 10cm salt rock

​15W lightbulb/




10-20 sqm

Wonder 3-5kg/

<width 12cm salt rock

​15W lightbulb


​> 200sq.ft

> 6sqm

> 20 sqm

​Wonder 5-7kg/


​25W lightbulb


In terms of shape and texture, the natural mountain-shaped salt lamp is manually mined from the rock salt cave. The surface is only slightly carved into a mountain shape, which highlights the rough and primitive sense of rock salt. It is a natural work of art that is both practical and unique.

Salt stone is a natural mineral, which produces different mineral structures when the earth's crust is changed and extruded. Therefore, the inside of the salt stone shows different natural cracks and mineral grain lines, which brings a more varied and unique beauty to the salt lamp.

After mining, the salt lamps are polished into spherical, cubic