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5 Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Use a QI Certified Fast Wireless Charger

You Should Use a QI Certified Fast Wireless Charger

iPhone X with ONEPAD Hexa Qi Certified Wireless Charger
Wire free desktop with safe and fast wireless charger

What is a Wireless Charger

Whenever I envisage future, one common thing that is always missing from the scene is wires.

We already have wireless phones, computers, headphones and what not. Slowly we are moving into a wireless world of no tangles and inconveniences. Soon we will have a world without wires.

You may say that your phone is not entirely handsfree since you have to plug-in your cables to recharge the battery and headphones to listen to the music. Then I am happy to break the news to you and introduce you to wireless chargers.

From healthcare to automotive to lifestyle products, innovators are trying to cut the cords everywhere and give you an unwrinkled experience.

How does a Wireless Charger Work

A wireless charger uses inductive charging technology. This technology uses an electromagnetic field to transfer the energy from the charger to the mobile through electromagnetic induction.

Wireless technology has been around for 100 years, so what has made it so famous all of a sudden? Apple has introduced wireless chargeable phones, iPhone X and iPhone 8. Apple’s entry into this technology has made it a popular trend in the industry recently. So, if you are planning to buy Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X, you must be on a lookout for a QI wireless charger, the technology that Apple is using.

There are many Qi-certified chargers available in the market. HEXA Qi-certified wireless charger is one of the best bets which charges an iPhone at a fast speed with up to only 10 W of power for Qi standard compatible phone or 7.5W for Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8.

5 Advantages of a QI Certified Wireless Charger

1. Simplicity and convenience

How many times does it happen that you don't wear you smartwatch just because it was not charged? How many times have you forgotten to carry your charger?

Quiet often right?

Here is the most significant advantage of a wireless charger- providing you convenience. You will no more have to hunt for a charging outlet and carry the chords every time.

2. Wires get torn out soon

Not just carrying the chords is a hassle, people repetitive plugging the cables an inconvenient activity. The cables soon get frayed, ripped into two, sometimes break completely when you needed it the most.

3. Compatibility

Another advantage of a QI charger is that the charger and the cell phone need not be from the same manufacturer. Every Qi-enabled device is compatible with every Qi charging transmitter. The only requirement is that both- the charger and the device should fulfil the QI specifications.

Apple is also including QI charging in their phones.

4. Charging different devices

Unlike a wired charger, a wireless charger can recharge multiple smartphones at the same time. With a wireless charger, you can charge not just your phone but also, your smartwatch, wireless headphones, tablets and even laptops.

A wireless charger gives you a hassle-free experience by putting the objects on the charger. No more finding the chords, matching them with the correct device etc.

5. Increase the battery life

With a properly designed wireless charger it a cakewalk to not letting your phone battery dip below 50%. By doing so, you will increase the lifespan of your battery.

Coping up with the disadvantages

1- Poorly made and untested wireless charger can cause excess heat, resulting in decreased efficiency. Sometimes excess hear may damage the phone.

It is therefore suggested to choose a wireless charger that is optimised for fast charging. Some of the chargers come with circuitry protection that comes with an automatic function of preventing overheating of the device.

2- An estimated sales of 8.3 billion smartphones and more than 400 million smartwatches between 2016 and 2020 wireless chargers have a vast potential market.

Therefore many fake wireless chargers are there in the market.

Make sure your wireless charger comes with circulatory protection. See for a “Qi-Certified” mark on the charger for authenticity.


With Apple introducing wireless chargeable phones, the technology has a promising future. A lot many wireless charging stations are expected to come up. People are in fact expecting more advancements in this technology explicitly focusing on its shortcomings.

The wireless charger is something that you would definitely like to add to your gadget’s kitty.

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