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5 Uses of Himalayan Salt Lamps You Must Know

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Did you know that there are five other uses in addition to the Himalayan salt lamp, which is popular among feng shui experts?

1. Relieve stress and improve sleep quality

The unique rose pink color of the Himalayan salt lamp with light can emit a warm color spectrum of about 1500K-4000K. Therefore, when our pupils receive this low color temperature light wave like the sunset, the brain can consciously relax, which can help reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

2. Healing and soothing your mind improves mindfulness

The Himalayan salt lamp emits a soft and warm amber light, which enhances the mood of your environment. When lit during meditation, it will bring peace and focus to your mind and body, ensuring that you start your day fresh.

3. A magnificent and practical night light

The warm amber light can provide you with soft and non-glaring light. The brightness can be adjusted according to your needs before going to bed. There is enough light to use the phone without hurting your eyes.

Soft light also enhances the atmosphere, creates a relaxed mood or romantic atmosphere. You can also light up the salt lamp when feeding newborn babies at night, allowing the baby to fall back to sleep under the warm soft light. It is a must-have for every novice mother!

The non-glaring soft light of the Himalayan salt lamp is the best choice for a bedside night light. Especially so for the elderly with poor eyesight when waking up in the middle of the night.

4. Natural piece of art decor that enhances the style of the space

ONELIVINGS salt lamp is a great decor that makes her a natural artwork with great style. It is suitable for the bedroom, living room, office, yoga/meditation room, consultation room, SPA beauty room, conference room, lobby, etc. While enhancing the style, it will fill the space with a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

5. A gift full of warmth and blessing

The Himalayan salt lamp is rosy, and it is about joy and good fortune. Packed with our exquisite gift box, it is very suitable for new homes, shop openings, promotion businesses, holiday gifts, etc. It is not only decent but practical and a gift full of warmth and blessings!

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