ONELIVINGS Artisan Himalaya Salt Lamps feature an all-new USB powered LED lighting system. This new USB LED lighting system offers a long life cycle of around 100,000 hours. It requires just a standard USB powered port; it is less energy-thirsty and achieves the right lighting intensity as good as a conventional lightbulb. It also comes with dimmer control that adjusts the light intensity to a level of your desire.



Touch Dimmer

The newly developed USB Touch Dimmer is reliable and energy-efficient. Utilizing standard USB power, you can switch on and off with a simple tap and tap and hold to adjust the brightness you want. .

USB Powered LED

The LED module radiates bright light that is equivalent to a 15W light bulb. The LED module lasts for many thousand of continuous uses.

Different Shapes & Styles

We have designed a series of different ceramic bases so that there is always one that suits your taste. 


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